The future of DeFi unveiled during the ETHOnline conference

The ETHGlobal summit, renamed ETHOnline, took place virtually this year.

Big names in the industry have spoken about Ethereum and DeFi.

Many new DeFi projects and concepts were unveiled there

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Decentralized finance ( DeFi ) was the focus of attention at the ETHGlobal conference, which this year was held completely virtual. A series of new concepts and innovative projects were unveiled at the event, demonstrating what the future of DeFi could hold.

This year’s ETHGlobal event has been renamed ETHOnline . It took place virtually due to concerns over COVID-19 and travel restrictions around the world.

This summit of one of the most popular cryptocurrency communities takes place throughout most of October and includes discussions with industry leaders, construction workshops, and a $ 125 hackathon. 000 dollars.

The last week was mainly devoted to the DeFi sector.

DeFi Prime thus took a look at some of the most exciting projects that could take center stage in the relatively near future

A user interface-based smart contract code generator called DeFi_Blocks creates robust smart contracts for those with limited coding capabilities. It uses a model from a basic Compound with Dai strategy and can be modified to adjust performance, fees, donors, rewards, and redemption.

Another solution called is generating a liquid staking solution by combining stake-based protocols with automated market players. It aims to avoid periods of untying by providing a derivative token that can be used as collateral, rather than having to wait.

A project called Stoploss is underway to protect Uniswap’s liquidity providers from impermanent losses. xWin Investment offers a fund management and social trading platform, while allows the use of options for ETH / stablecoin liquidity providers as another method of hedging against impermanent losses.

The Digital Euro Stablecoin protocol offers the world’s first decentralized stablecoin to be pegged to the euro. Ethereum Yield Curve is a project that highlights the tradeoff between traditional finance and DeFi, while the Overlay protocol gives users the ability to trade almost any scalar data stream.

Split is a protocol for dividing tokens into fungible performance, governance and capital components. Finally, OSMOsis is a DeFi yield multiplier that redirects unused collateral from Aave to Balancer and mStable, enabling leveraged returns.

The list of new projects is too long to list them all. Other notable developments, however, include Entropy Chain, Protekt Protocol, Tokenlog, GoodGhosting, Juicer Protocol, Unipeer, Crescendo, Croco Finance, SIGH Finance, Oligo, NewFi, Flavor Finance and Mindful.

Knowing that DeFi continues to grow and shows no signs of slowing down, it is highly likely that many of these projects and concepts will be launched before the end of 2020.

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