Ethereum Whales Accumulating Shiba Inu (SHIB): 496 Billion SHIB and Counting

• Ethereum whales are accumulating Shiba Inu (SHIB), with 496 billion SHIB currently held.
• The top 100 ETH whales are holding more ETH, USDC, and USDT than SHIB.
• The most recent transaction in SHIB was for 808,270,322 SHIB by BlueWhale0298.

Shiba Inu’s Dominance on the Leaderboard

Shiba Inu holds the first position on the leaderboard with 496 billion SHIB. Among the top 10 holdings, three stablecoins can be witnessed – ETH ($51 million average amount), USDC ($7 million) and USDT ($7 million).

Recent Transactions in Shiba Inu

The most recent transaction in SHIB was by BlueWhale0298 with 808,270,322 SHIB. On 17th March 2021, there were 1227 transactions worth $561m invested into Shiba Inu. This makes it the „most traded token“ as well as the „biggest token position by dollar value“.

Ethereum Whale Activity

The number of whale buyers is 24 while sellers are 27. The margin between sell and buy volume is very minimal at $52 million. Additionally, Ethereum whales bulked in and out of Pax Dollar worth $25 million in the last 24 hrs.

Other Cryptos Involved

Apart from Etherum-related cryptos such as USDC and USDT mentioned above, other cryptos like Conflux (CFX), BUSD stablecoin and TUSD also seem to be involved in some way or another.


It appears that Ethereum whales are actively accumulating Shiba Inu tokens due to its dominance on the leaderboard coupled with a high transaction rate compared to other cryptos involved.

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