Ethereum Network Halts Finalizing Blocks: What’s the Cause?

• Ethereum Network Experiences Brief Issue Preventing Block Finalization
• Blocks Proposed But Not Validated For 25 Minutes
• Lack of Answers Causes Speculation in Crypto Community

Ethereum Network Experiences Brief Issue

The Ethereum network experienced a second incident of its sort in less than 24 hours. During a 25-minute period on Thursday, blocks were proposed but not validated. This prevented its network from finalizing blocks for almost an hour and caused speculation within the crypto community as to the source of these outages.

Block Finalization Impeded

A block cannot be changed or deleted from the blockchain without burning at least 33% of the total staked ETH, a process that takes around 15 minutes and guarantees finality. On Friday at noon, the network experienced what looks to be the second incident of its sort in less than 24 hours. During this time, many took to social media to speculate on the source however no answers were provided.

Venture Capitalist Statement

Prominent venture capitalist Adam Cochran stated: “ETH beacon chain finality has now failed for over an hour, we’re at inactivity leak time and there is no denying this is now a liveness fault. Hoping that this is just an implementation issue for a single client to fix and not a larger protocol issue… either way, not good.“

Developer Reassurance

Eric Conner, a key developer on the Ethereum project, tweeted that the network “did not go down,” but rather that there was a fault in certain clients that has now been rectified. As of writing, it appears as though users and developers can continue with their normal use of Ethereum as it is back up and running normally again.


Although Friday’s incident did not last long enough to cause any major disruptions or losses, users should still remain aware when using their cryptocurrency or blockchain networks as anything could potentially happen at any moment.



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