Binance Listing PEPE and FLOKI: Whale Purchases Billions of Tokens

• Binance listed PEPE and FLOKI tokens on May 5, 2021 in the Innovation Zone.
• A mysterious whale has purchased a massive amount of PEPE tokens costing 1.24 million USD.
• The same whale exchanged WOJAK tokens of around 100 million in return for TURBO tokens.

Binance Lists Two Memecoin Tokens

On May 5, 2021, Binance listed two memecoin tokens, PEPE and FLOKI, in its Innovation Zone. Following its listing on the leading cryptocurrency exchange, PEPE token saw an impressive 106.47% increase in price.

Mysterious Whale Purchases 313 Billion Pepe Tokens

As per reports from Lookonchain, a mysterious whale purchased 313 billion PEPE tokens when it was trading at $0.000003973 — costing 1.24 million USD altogether. Additionally, this whale also exchanged 120 million WOJAK tokens for 27.83 billion PEPE tokens (valued at 117 thousand dollars).

Whale Exchanges 100 Million Wojak for 77.5 Million Turbo

After purchasing a large quantity of PEPE tokens, the same whale also swapped 100 million WOJAKs for 77.5 million TURBOs (valued at 117 thousand dollars). Currently, PEPE is ranked 42nd according to CoinMarketCap with a market price of $0.00000332 while TURBO is traded at $0.0009964 with a 207% increase over 79M trading volume in 24 hours alone..

Meme Coins Gaining Popularity In Crypto Market

The recent surge in popularity and engagement with meme coins has been trending throughout the crypto marketspace recently; especially after their listing on Binance today! Not only does it show that memes have officially made its way into the world of cryptocurrency but it’s also allowing users to be able to enjoy these digital assets as well as make profits from them through trading platforms like Binance and Huobi Exchange!


It looks like meme coins are here to stay! With more exchanges embracing these digital assets as legitimate investments; we can expect meme coins will continue to gain traction in the crypto marketspace — making them even more popular than ever before!



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